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2 Piece, No Biscuit: J. Cole Releases Lewis Street

TRH Co-Founder DesiiTee once told me, Like books and black lives, albums matter. In these crazy times that we continue to live in, these words ring more prevalent than ever, as music provides a release in even the most trying times. Stories of loss overcoming grief often make for the best comeback stories, and if Lewis Street is any indication, then J. Cole is in prime position to do just that.

In preparation for his next studio album, The Fall Off, Cole released an entitled Lewis Street. The title is assumed to be a reference to a close friend of J. Cole’s that was murdered in March 2020. The Climb Back, the first of the two-piece set, sees Cole remind the industry that he is back, while highlighting the duality in grieving loss and celebrating life.

“Everybody gotta cry once in a while, but how long will it take before you smile? This is that come back to life s***. My n***** pick me up, and we gon’ light the city up as if the sun had a night shift and paint the town red for my n**** found dead too soon"

Cole continues to reflect on real-world in the second verse, before affirming that he would rather stay in lane than chase clout. Although there is speculation that Cole is taking aim at fellow industry rappers, what is abundantly clear in this track is that Cole wanted to issue a message to those who say he fell off.

The latter track of the couplet, Lion King on Ice sees Cole continuing his reflections. As he calls back to the classic Disney movie, the song sees Simba reflecting on the work that he has done, the kingdom he’s built, and the things he will do to protect it.

Both tracks serve as a solid sample of things to come, and fans will have to sit with these two until the Fayetteville emcee release more music. Cole took to social media saying an album is coming, however no release date was provided.

No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing,” said Cole.