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The Logic Theory

The other day I was thinking about what to write and figured it would just come to me. Then I had a conversation with a white co-worker of mine that triggered something very interesting. The race of my co-worker is imperative to the post as you’ll see when you keep reading. It didn’t spark an opinion but rather a thought. The conversation went as follows :

Me: Logic got another album out…you heard it?

Coworker: I haven’t yet but I love Logic …. I like his music because I like to sing along and I don’t have to edit myself.

Me: What do you mean?

Co-worker: Like he doesn’t use the N word or anything like that, he doesn’t talk all that violence and stuff … well he can’t really anyway.

Me: How so? He actually has before he just chooses not to I guess. I know when he talks about his past and how he is identified because you know he is mixed with black and white.

Co-worker: No he’s not.

Me: Look it up!

Co-worker: I had no idea….it’s interesting that his audience is predominantly white….I wonder if most of his fans know that?

Me: That’s a good question…..

Now first things first, Logic is what my brother use to call a garanimal. His beat selection and bars are far above a lot of rappers out here today. With that sentiment said, did some of his notoriety come from his perception of him appearing to be white? I have seen many live performances from him and I have seen mostly white people in the sea of concert goers.

The debate is solely relevant because of the social constructs built around race that we are obviously still living in today. One thing that my co-worker harped on was the content and the harsh reality that most of the hip hop community can identify with. Does looking a certain way open more eyes and ears to what you have to say? Logic talks about being human and human emotion more than the “black man” struggle. He spits high level bars with dope instrumentation. When I hear of fans talking about all of his songs or making a case for his rise claim to fame it’s mostly the same demographic.

I throw these ideas out there to spark out a more prominent conversation. Is Logic’s success simple systematic logic?