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Pretty Girls DON'T Like Trap Music

Atlanta has done it again. Becoming more and more trendy by the season, rapper 2 Chainz has given ATLiens yet another reason to take a ride through the city to congregate. The Pink Trap house was one of many marketing ploys that was used to usher in 2 Chainz latest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

The title might just be a title to some but to me it is was worth a deeper look. Pretty Girls DON'T Like Trap Music...They love it but, why? Instead of racking my brain about it I took it to the street. I asked a few homegirls of mine that really have no direct ties with the lifestyle at all. This music is derogatory towards women, talks about living fast and careless, hood struggles and drugs. What would be so appealing to any suburban kid listening let alone a girl? Needless to say I found out some things about how some women's minds work.

One of my homegirls told me that listening to older trap music ( i.e Jeezy , T.I , Gucci Mane etc ) made her find her identity and place in this world as a young black woman. Her answer was a very honest one so I asked her to elaborate a little more.

"When I was younger growing up in the south around predominately white kids I struggled to find my cultural identity. Listening to trap music made me feel like I was apart of the story. I finally felt like I was apart of a movement."

It was something that I know many young black women struggle with but it was interesting to find it in this kind of music. Another girl said that it reminded her of people in her family and made her feel like she knew them.

Pretty girls love trap music. If you go a little deeper anf get the message, you'll see why . It's not all belligerent.. it's a reflection of times. It's coping, it's partying, pain and struggle all in one. How can you deny a music that is increasingly growing and a genre bending? More importantly how can you deny a sub-genre that can subconsciously bring someone to better know and understand themselves and their culture?

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