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The LGBTQ Community & Hip Hop Culture Clash

Being its own innovator and cultivator, it was bound that the culture of Hip Hop would take on a plethora of controversial topics. Some of the biggest topics being, homosexuality and hyper masculinity. The constant clash of long standing stigmas with the overall misogyny of Hip Hop has made it difficult for many innovators of the culture to accept changes. It has also made the comfort of conversations about the LGBTQ community almost non-existent, until quite recently. Many figures in the rap game have hidden their true thoughts or even their true identities, based on the fact that they feel it is unacceptable or damaging to their brand as a hip hop artist.

With the birth of Hip Hop being based around the culture of the Black community, the topic of sexuality has always been pretty one-sided. Hip hop, as a whole, has perpetuated a life of heterosexuality that has made it almost impossible for those who have a different lifestyle to gain any ground or maintain "respect" in the game.

As a new generation of rap artists come into the mix, a new level of honesty also come with them. Many artists like Young M.A., Azealia Banks and Frank Ocean have all come to terms with being apart of the LGBTQ and Hip Hop communities, and the role they play as upcoming artists. Even with backlash, new artists have felt the need to emerge in hopes of showing that the culture is more open minded now than ever. Rappers ILoveMakonnen and Taylor Bennett, younger brother of Chance The Rapper, have both recently opened up about sexuality on social media, getting more fan love and acceptance daily. Another rapper who has come forward with his sexuality in his craft, is Odd Future member, Tyler The Creator. He recently revealed that he was in a relationship with another man in his adolescence, even after being criticized for his earlier music and its use of anti-gay slurs. In his new album, Flower Boy, many of verses suggested his bi-sexuality and he even posted on social media for his fans.

It is interesting to see how the known ideologies that have been ingrained in Hip Hop, are disputed in this new generation. Many of those who still abide by the beliefs originally formulated in Hip Hop culture are not as accepting of the new generation's openness. Hopefully as time and Hip hop continues to evolve, we will see a more inclusive dynamic between those with different sexual identities.

So, is hip hop really becoming more open-minded? Do you think it will continue to evolve throughout the years? Let us know in the comments.

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