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Bow Wow Catches Fire from Houston Residents

First off prayers out to all Houston residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you have started any type of relief program or aid please contact The Rap Hippies we would love to get involved and we may even be going to help in the coming weeks.

Now with that being said, the people of Houston were not happy with Bow Wow's way of helping with the destruction going on in their city. After posting this hand signal, Bow Wow quickly received backlash from many people indicating that this just wasn't enough from the rapper and expressed their frustration with the gesture.

When tragedy strikes it's important to do what you can and use your influence and well... your money to give back. Find out how you can help others in need with your platform and this doesn't just go for natural disasters. I'm sure the Bow Wow didn't mean any harm and meant well but right now let's face it the city of Houston needs more than a recognizable hand signal.

Other celebrities such has Kevin Hart have actually challenged other celebrity friends to donate at least 25k to some type of relief for the city. I hope Bow Wow gets on board.

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