• The Rap Hippies

We Can Never Get Enough of B.I.G

It seems like every other year Biggie is getting some type of recognition for his musical talent, but then again why wouldn't he since he is one of the GOAT (There is no debate). But I can say when it comes to Biggie you can never get enough from the big screen movies, to make shift YouTube documentaries. As hip-hop heads we will always stay tuned to Biggie's life no matter how many times we heard or seen it. Its just because we wish he was still here that's all.

If your a documentary fanatic like most of us under The Rap Hippies with nothing to do this labor day weekend, then go ahead and immerse yourself in another tale of Biggie's life. This time we'll be hearing from some other GOAT's like Jay-z and Nas and of course we'll be hearing from hip-hop's mogul Diddy.

Just to get you a little hype peep the trailer for A&E's, Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. set to come out on Sept 4th.

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