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Late Registration: I miss the Old Kanye, Straight from the Go Kanye

So just yesterday something in me just wanted to listen to Kanye West . I literally sat down and said, " Its a Kanye kind of day." This shortly turned into a proud moment for a music head when you just feel the urge to listen to someone who literally has an album anniversary on that same day of your urge. I kid you not, I didn't even realize that the anniversary for "Late Registration" was the same exact day.

So to start off my Kanye West urge, I first went to my all time favorite album "Graduation" and listened to it in its entirety of course but as Spotify kept going it worked its way down to "Late Registration" which was a little different as "Graduation" wrapped up ( I expected it to take me to 808's & Heartbreaks) . Now as I'm listening to "Late Registration" I'm literally thinking to myself, "damn... where is this Kanye?"

I came to realize that there was a major shift from "Late registration" to "Graduation". It was't a bad shift but I do believe that old Kanye that we all seem to crave is right on his sophomore album. This was Polo rocking, Louis Vuitton book bag wearing Kanye. The simple Kanye that gave us raw music. On "Late Registration" you get more of the freestyles, heavy instrumental samples, more skits and damn did it have some singles. Think about it, this album was actually the shit at the time in 2005. We had a rapper who featured Adam Levine a rock/pop artist, which at the time was rare, a rapper who created a song that was everybody's ringtone for they mama, then you had this rapper that decided to take an ACTOR, and feature him on a sample of an musician whom the actor recently portrayed in a biopic movie. From the songs to the visuals his whole sophomore album was a great follow up to "College Dropout". I think ultimately we wanted more after "Late registration" not realizing we'd never hear from this Kanye again.

Don't get me wrong albums after "Late Registration" are fire, but its something about this sophomore that seems like an era of Kanye we will never get again. When you think about those elements and then think about where you were at the time and how it made you feel, you can't deny "Late Registration" being a slight classic. Not only that but it opened up some doors for the way music is done today. As we just hit the 12 year anniversary for "Late Registration" I suggest just taking the time to listen to it and think about your perspective then vs. now. I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate this Kanye and his music more then before.

Top 5 Late Registration tracks:

* In no order

1. Heard em say

2. Crack Music

3. Celebration

4. Hey mama

5. Drive slow

I hate the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye.

The always rude Kanye, spaz in the news Kanye.

I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye.

Whats your favorite Late Registration track?

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