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What's a Summer Without a SummerTime Shootout

Looks like Fabolous has decided to continue with his series of Summertime Shootout as it appears on his latest IG post (@Myfabolouslife) a slight announcement of Summertime Shootout 3. He is known as the hashtag king so its expected he would throw out #SummerShootoutOnTheWay. The timing seems about right during this soon to come September season. He's right on track with the pattern of past SummerTime Shootout mixtapes that he has been releasing consistently since 2015.

Earlier this summer we did hear from Fab as he was featured on The Dream's new single, "Summer Body" giving us a nostalgic 07' feel; because we know thats when they was making some hits. But with the new feature we wasn't expecting much of a project to come out so soon. Maybe jumping on "Summer Body" has some correlation to releasing Summer Shootout 3?!? Hmmmmmm.

I can say Fab is such a hush hush artist about his projects so he's always surprising us. Let's hope this new track "FlipMode"featuring Chris Brown & Velous is something worth listening too since its the track he's pushing to announce this mixtape. He did say its dropping EVERYWHERE so although this isn't an official album maybe this new track and the mixtape will be on all streaming platforms. Because I don't know if you tried looking for Fabolous mixtapes lately, but they're not EVERYWHERE.

Maybe this time is different and Fab will surprise us!

Truthfully we just wishing he would surprise us with this Freddy vs. Jason mixtape with Jadakiss, but we'll wait.............

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