• The Rap Hippies

J.Cole Adds Atlanta Group Earthgang to his Roster

Earthgang have officially signed to J.Cole's illustrious roster of spitters on Dreamville Records.

The Rap Hippies feel like we have seen these guys emerge from the bottom and been here for the ride. I remember the first time I saw them was at a Sound Table event on Edgewood here in Atlanta. A midst the weed smoke and loud music playing, their performance definitely was the most memorable of the mediocrity that hit the stage. "Whoa, who are these guys?" I said when Earthgang stayed in the crowd spitting their verses.

I went home and looked them up to see if the lyrics matched the performance ....and they did! Later they put out projects here and there but when they dropped Strays with Rabies, I haven't looked back sense. Not to long ago I said that mentioning Atlanta hip hop and not mentioning Earthgang is blasphemy. Looks like J.Cole felt the same way. With all that being said Earthgang not only announce that they are the newest Dreamville signee's but drop a new EP entitled RAGS today. Can't wait to see how the rest of the world embrace them.

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