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Joyner Lucas Takes Shots at Logic

Earlier this week Joyner Lucas took a couple of proverbial shots at the Deer Park native but not without explaining the history with the rapper.

Joyner mentioned the dislike for Logic in his recent Mask-Off Remix

“Don’t you ever compare me to Logic (never). Go listen to ‘Sriracha,'”

The rapper was asked about his statement in the song in a recent Billboard interview where he shared his initial impression of him:

“I just think he’s a corny guy,” he said of Logic. “Honestly, it stemmed from [Logic] going on the ‘Sriracha’ record, and it took a long time to get it back. When Tech N9ne initially gave me the record, I was excited about Logic being on there, but after that much time went by and the verse he gave was so disrespectful, I felt like he have Tech that verse on a count of me being on the record. I felt he was upset I was on the record and gave a wack verse … That definitely rubbed me the wrong way … Matter of fact, I was watching an interview Logic gave the other day. They asked if he had to choose between JAY-Z and Eminem whose feature would he want? His response was Eminem and then he said ‘Because I know Eminem’s going to come spit for real’ … So now I’m looking at the screen like ‘You’re lying, bro.'”

I'm always down for some healthy rap beef on wax! Logic the ball is in your court. Respond back to Joyner or no? Even if he doesn't they both make great music. I ask you this though, Is being called corny even worth a response?

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