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Lonzo Ball Says Nas Ain't "Real Hip-Hop"

Lavar Ball ain't the only person in the family that has everyone looking at them these days. Lonzo Ball is upsetting a lot of people in the culture with his new statement about "real" hip-hop.

Early this week social media exploded on the new Los Angeles Laker rookie. In a recent clip from his reality show, Ball in the Family, the Laker briefly touches on hip hop today. Amidst trying to make his point on how it has changed Ball made this comment about Nas and the notion of "real" hip hop.

“Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” Lonzo says in the clip. Eventually he follows it up by saying, “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future.”

Now..let's talk about this real quick. We need to ask ourselves how high of a regard we hold people in the spotlight. I myself don't think that Lonzo Ball is the end all be all of my music taste but I understand where he is coming from because of the times. The fact of the matter is that kids these days DO think that Migos and Future are the sh*t. That's a different article for a different day. Lyrics are still there (K Dot , Chance , J.cole etc) but these kids go off of the vibes that they're sold...remember that.

Regardless of how you feel unfortunately this is the truth and Lonzo say it. Thank God for people that still appreciate the nostalgia of rap and keeps that sacred to their love for the music. Me myself I don't agree at all and can't subscribe to this foolishness.

Now some people in the culture have spoken out already. Tread lightly sir.

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