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Take A Few Notes From Gucci's Book

If you been following The Rap Hippies since our podcast days, you know Gucci has come up in discussion a few times. Since his release from prison it's been nothing but good news since he's turned good guy. The amount of growth that Gucci has had since his release has been impeccable to say the least. He's turned his image around, changed a few lyrics, and now engaged to long time girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir. I hope ya'll understand how much of an impact this is on the black male community, let alone the culture.

I think sometimes young black men can get so caught up in the culture and this image to be hard, and a "thug" that they end up getting in major trouble while being followers of the negative aspect of Hip-Hop. It seems as if majority of the rappers from the mid 2000's have gotten their act together and Gucci being one of them after learning his lesson from a three year sentence.

Now let's take a look at Gucci, who was once this hard, trapping, rapper, who was always looking over his shoulder because he couldn't let go of the "hood life" while being a celebrity. If you look at other rappers its been hard for them to separate the two because being "hood" is all they know and now they are put in this space to be looked at at all times. T.I is a great example of this, who has also changed his ways. Since so many people idolized, and looked up to Gucci, the way he moved and shake before his three sentence was super influential . Some young men felt like they needed to be like Gucci or represent whatever he was talking about in his latest "Trap " mixtape.

Its 2017 now, and Gucci isn't Mr. Gucci Mane LaFlare anymore. If your immersed in the culture like we are you can see how proud he has made his community for his 180 turn around since getting released. From him losing weight, to proposing to Keyshia Ka'ior at the Hawks game, to now getting early release from his 2 year probation, this man is showing us that all things are possible. If your still wondering how much of an impact Gucci has recently made let me break it down for you:

1st: Gucci came out of jail kind of looking like a snack ya'll! Gucci show's us that your health is important by losing all this weight. In past interviews shortly after getting released he did harp on not drinking as heavy, along with no more drugs, and taking care of himself. Where he happen to lose lots of weight. This is self care, which is something we lack in the black community. #KEYSTOSUCCESS

2nd: He shows us that love is real and marriage is a thing, even for a "hood nigga". The moment he proposed at the Hawks game everyone in Atlanta was happy. It even made the local news. Of course him and Keyshia became # RelationshipGoals

3rd: Gucci is now a few years out and hasn't gotten into trouble. Overall he's cleaned his shit up. Because of this, he will now be a free man sooner then he expected and his probation end's TWO years early. #Goals

We can't help but applaud Gucci for all his success.

Oh... Lets not forget he even won a VMA with 5th Harmony!


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