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Missed Music Midtown? Get Hip Here

Piedmont Park welcomes back the event that invites musical artist and fans alike- Music Midtown, a festival that grossed $8.6 million in 2016 alone. This year’s guest list is bigger than it’s ever been with a guest-list featuring Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, and Future.

Big Sean brought a piece of Detroit, and even a little bit of Chicago, to the A on stage. Sean came correct Saturday with bangers like “IDFWU” and “Bounce Back.” He also performed parts of the songs from G.O.O.D. Music album, Cruel Summer: “Mercy” and “Clique.”

For anyone who considers him or herself a fan of early 2000s hip hop Saturday night’s performance was a need-to-see event. Wiz Khalifa stepped on stage, sparked a joint, and proceeded to set the crowd ablaze. From tossing out inflatable (and maybe real?) joints to “Taylor Gang” and performed songs from the early mixtape Kush & Orange Juice.

Bruno Mars and the Hooligans, who Pitchfork described as “a retro song-and-dance guy man,” put on one of the flashiest and eccentric performances of the night. (left side right side). Although not a rapper, and despite being a vintage on-trick-pony, it was clear to see why fans pay $200 for Bruno Mars tickets.

Atlanta native and self-proclaimed DIY pioneer, Russ, performed his set Sunday night.

In recent activity, the rapper has received backlash from industry peers for his controversial T-shirt. Tonight Russ approached Music Midtown with same strategy: a black shirt that read “If you want to change the system: speak up. White silence is pro-racism.” The show set list mostly featured songs from his 2017 album “There’s really a Wolf.” The album projected him into the spotlight with “Ride Slow” and “Losing Control,” two songs that blend neo-R&B with an Atlanta trap sound.

The last set of the night filled Piedmont Park with a sea of thousands of sweaty fans crammed tightly together to witness in awe, Future Hendrix. Future had such a charisma in his performance that turned the festival into a party. Standing in the crowd felt more like I was in a club rather than a park when he introduced frequent industry collaborator, Young Thug. The two closed out the night with the hottest bangers, old and new.

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