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The Power of the Visual

Lately I have been having a lot of conversations regarding you guessed it.....real rap music. Some of the visuals that come out these days are a gimmick rappers fortress in some cases and give them the platform to show how different they are. But I wanted to highlight a few rappers that can actually spit and not only that but have meaningful visuals that give the song more clarity and puts you in the front seat.

The first artist I wanted to chop it up about was none other than J.I.D, the Atlanta spitter who has taken off with his clever wordplay and unique flow. Recently J.I.D introduced a video off his latest album The Never Story called Hereditary . The song touches on what it's like to come from a broken home and creating the idea of love. The video follows a young girl in her early stages of childhood watching her parents. BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED. Check out how her story unfolds below as the Atlanta rapper brings the story full circle.

Another artist that inspired me to write this article is an artist that you should know by now as IDK. I gotta say this has been one of my top artist to watch this year, which will DEFINITELY be a segment on our show towards the end of the year. IDK's lyrically ability is just raw. Besides the albums where he drops powerful messages like on Empty Bank he is doing something very different that I like. IDK has been dropping a single here and there with the premise that each one tells a single story in his life. The other day he dropped a visual for his song entitled Pizza Shop, strap on your seatbelt! There are plenty more visuals out there that are taking this same path, just gotta find him. Check IDK's video and his ideas he shared with Pigeons and Planes on his approach to visuals:

“Listening is enough, but adding the visuals paints an even deeper picture,” IDK told Pigeons and Planes. “Some people will see the story a lot clearer when they see the visual. I don’t think everybody gets everything right away, but when you see something, it’s much easier to get it. I want people to get it. “Pizza Shop,” for sure, especially the second half needs to be seen.”

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