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The EPIC Homecoming Concert @ CAU

This past Thursday, I was fortunate enough to receive passes to attend the EPIC concert, featuring 21 Savage, for AUC homecoming weekend. Hosted at Clark Atlanta University, the affiliates, The R. Jackson Agency, Rolling Out Magazine, V-103 and A. Rundles Design did a good job at putting together a collective show of newcomers and headliners that students, staff and outside media could enjoy.

The venue took place in the CAU gymnasium where, from what I could tell, about a thousand people were in attendance. From the beginning, I could feel the "lit" vibes.

The hallway and gym were almost packed when I arrived. From the entrance, I could see hundreds of students dancing and vibing out to the selection of hip hop music being played, while the hosts, WHTC, kept the crowd turnt up, doing different dance moves. I did not know what to expect from the opening acts before the headliner, but I was eager to see if the crowd would continue to be as hype. Since a lot of the openers were actual students of CAU, I assumed the crowd would be feeling them... but going from newcomers to the headliner, 21 Savage, I noticed a huge shift in crowd participation. Everybody was very eager to see 21 Savage, so I knew they would be hype.. but I at least thought more love would be shown to those who are up and coming artists. As a Rap Hippie, I felt a little sad about seeing this dynamic change. I love when those artists who are about their craft, come out of their comfort zones and perform their unheard music to a large crowd.

As a media presence at this event, I was very pleased with how everything backstage was handled. There was a room that was marked for press where Rolling Out photos were set up, along with a camera for interviews and pictures with artists. A DJ was set up in the corner of the room but was playing some dope instrumentals while we all were able to converse and network. I was very eager to see how every media outlet displayed their brand and even more eager to discuss the building of those brands. It was really such a dope way to pick all those brains!

Overall, this event was put together well and I was happy that The Rap Hippies were able to show up and show out! Thanks again to The R. Jackson Agency, Rolling Out Magazine, V-103 and A. Rundles Design. Make sure y'all follow them on their handles and stay hip with us! We'll be at a dope event near you soon!

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