• The Rap Hippies

Kultured Misfits Pop-Up Shop

Earlier this month The Rap Hippies were invited to a really dope event. As we walk up we see a quaint store front, fluorescent lights shined down on colorful 199X and "Legalize Free College" hoodies. From the outside, we could see huge, embroidered pieces of art on every wall. Soulful R&B hits were playing in the background as we walked in, being greeted by the Kultured Misfits team with smiles and sangria ;)

We walk into a DJ set that vibes perfectly with the look of the atmosphere. The DJ is mixing throwback hip hop, soul & pop hits, while others were posing for a photographer in front of the Misfits back drop. Walking around the venue, we looked at each table,noticing that they were full of merchandise. Everything from dad hats, to crew necks, to small stickers and pillows.. the Kultured Misfits team did an amazing job at catching the eye of every onlooker with careful brand placement.Brand placement and development is something that we, as the Rap Hippies, value greatly so we were pleased to see how well the venue was set up. In the very back of the venue, we came across a small room full of food options and more creative ways to show off their brand. There were screens showing their clothing line with a documentary 90's esque feel.

The great thing about Kultured Misfits is that this is ran by a team of friends who all went to college together. It's amazing to see the things a team with a vision can do. You can definitely see the difference from when Kultured Misfits first came out a few years ago to this new line launch. What made this launch so perfect is that it was specific to a certain generation, that generation that no one wants to forget about, The 90's. You had shirts that said "Born in 199X", or a shirt with Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson on a polaroid that said "Do it for the Kulture." As most of The Rap Hippies are 90's babies we are super proud to wear something that represents us. 

Catch one of their pieces on Latest Episode (4) of The Relevant with desiiTee & K-HiSox. 

We look forward to more events and clothes from Kultured Misfits. Follow their handles @Kultured.Misfits and visit their site to make your purchase at