• The Rap Hippies

GYRL: The Dopest Women on Stage

A fun Friday for us Hippies, as we got to head to a cool ass showcase for talented females at the Mammal Gallery.

Hosted by Goddess Kiko with sounds by DJ FyeMeUp, the event had a calm vibe with a big stage, colorful lights, personal vendors and a full out bar, making all those who walked in feel at ease... while also getting a little tipsy ;)

The performers of the night included The Txlips Band, Queendom, Alexandrea, Desjo & Jamee Cornelia. Each performance brought its own feel and the reactions from the crowd were nothing but love. I was very impressed with the performances because each girl came with about 3-5 original songs with choreographed dancers and outfits. Each had their own swag but kept the audience intrigued with their stage presence, which is something that I always look for in anybody up and coming.

After, we were able to get a quick interview with the artist, Desjo, to talk about her craft and any updates on music. Make sure y'all check her, and all the other artists out! Follow them on their handles & while you're at it, follow us on all handles @TheRapHippies. Stay rocking with us! We gonna continue to keep y'all hip! #WeVibeDifferent.