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We'll Get Andre' 3000 Music....Eventually

Over the years Andre' 3000 has always stayed quiet. But recently he sat with GQ Magazine for an interview, which is rare to come by when it comes to Mr. 3 Stacks himself. With the interview we finally got hella questions answered but the one topic that stuck out the most was of course about the MUSIC . Andre' 3000 is noted to be on a number of Hip-Hop heads "Top 5 Best Rappers" list, but the crazy thing about that is Andre' 3000 has never even dropped his own solo album. I mean we got the Love Below, but as a fan we know theres more he could have done and given us. With this interview you do get to hear why another album just never happened; which is quite interesting. Everything begins to make sense and aligns with who Andre' 3000 is as you get deeper in.

Now about the MUSIC. Andre' goes on to say that if he died today it would be a regret to not have released something of his own. But he then follows up with, "When I pass away, people will find hours and hours of files." WHAAATTT!?! So you mean to tell me we might have to wait until this GOAT passes away to finally get some music?!? NOPE, I'm not here for it! Although I understand his past a lot more after this interview, I think it's safe to say, WE STILL WANT SOME MUSIC. For some odd reason Andre' 3000 doesn't think he can catch up to this new generation of Hip-Hop which is crazy to hear when till this day he inspires others. He describes himself as that uncle you see dancing basically after his time, he says, Hip-Hop is a "New Kids Art". Whether its a new kid's art or not, I'm starting to think that this GQ Magazine interview might be a hint to a new campaign for Andre 3000 or hint to some music. He did end the interview saying he feels like he's got one or two more fights left in him.

As Andre' 3000 fans we'll be satisfied with just ONE more fight!

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