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N*E*R*D is Back !

As we are in the season of ComplexCon, what better way to begin the most urban eccentric scene then with N*E*R*D giving all the tastemakers first listen of their newest debut album on day 1. The Virginia Beach natives are back together after a slight three year hiatus off the music scene as a whole. Already debuting their first single featuring Rihanna, Lemon, it sounds like they haven't missed a beat. We already knew an album was on it's way but to debate it in an arena and basically experience an N*E*R*D listening party is beyond dope. ComplexCon attendees went to twitter to share their excitement. Apparently the eclectic group played songs "Top to bottom" from their new album title "No_One Ever Really Dies."

N*E*R*D which consist of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay Haley in great fashion put together a nice staged show for the fans. The debut included a lighted show, propped cars, and dancers to set the tone for the album. The eye catcher was seeing the classic BAPE line worn by the trio and the dancers. We find out that the album features songs with Kendrick Lamar, Andre' 3000, ( What I tell ya on that Andre post, he coming with something) , Gucci, Wale, Future, and even Ed Sherran. There is no set date on the album just yet but at least some ComplexCon attendees got first dibs on the N*E*R*D project. As ComplexCon continues, day 2 just ended and were all just looking from a far to see and hear what happened at the annual conference this year.


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