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You Sleep if You Ain't Been to a Mozzy Festivity

First things first.....Pull up festivities were in full effect Saturday night and The Rap Hippies had to attend. This show was filled with nothing but day 1s and true fans.

Let me give you the prelude first:

Growing up in Southern California was a culture that you could never completely and concisely describe to anyone. When I was younger I would visit my cousins who lived in Hayward, Ca not too far from Oakland, the Bay Area. Other than LA, the Bay is a special place that has so much history and culture ingrained in it, there's truly no place like it. I spent a few summers there with family and indirectly learning the culture.I feel like at times it's the forgotten place in Hip Hop but that's another story.

I say that to say when I walked into the venue I felt that same nostalgia. Not to mention as my homie that came with me said “It felt like a blood convention.” The opening act were a bunch of kids with that Bay Area sound swaying their dreads from side to side and moving with the crowd.

Not sure if they were from Mozzy’s hood but they had confidence as they passed the mic to share the energy. This was a sign of a good start. Next up was a rapper from Portland, Oregon. That’s right. Never in my days have I ever witnessed anyone from Portland.... but when I say this dude was spittin’! He went by the name of Fli Boi Moe. Look out for him! He kind of gave a feel of old LA gangster music with his own flavor, and he did it well. Salute. Finally after the impressive openers it was time for the main event.

As soon as Mozzy hit the stage, it was love. The crowd recited every word that the Oak Park resident spit. His dreads were flying everywhere and when the beat dropped the crowd cheered him on. As a first timer seeing him, I can say this guy has an amazing stage presence and he’s so grimmey with it.

What threw me off a little bit and probably a lot of others in the crowd was when he handed the mic off during the middle of his set to two other artist not as known. Needless to say the energy in the room quickly decreased because not too many people were familiar with the artist he passed the mic to. It felt like they weren’t given a fair chance to have the crowd to themselves. Soon enough, the mic came back to Mozzy and so did the energy from the crowd. He performed his hit single “Sleep Walkin’” that everybody sang along to , it was cool to see the fan participation.

The night ended with his hit that in my opinion put him on the map and one of my personal favorites, Bladadah. The amount of jumping, gang signs in the air and people yelling was unreal! But I loved it. Mozzy was joined by the openers of the night to perform his last song and the energy was incredible. He didn’t even have to say a word, the crowd took over for him! All in all, if you have never seen Mozzy before... do yourself a favor and go you won't be disappointed.

Just remember "Keep 1 Up Top Ahk"

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