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Jungle State Vs. BullPen Battle League

The moment I forgot about battle rap, this event made me fall in love with it all over again. I had the pleasure of attending Panther Entertainment Group's (PEG), "Jungle State Vs. BullPen Battle League Lyrical Competition" at Georgia State University also know as a rap battle.

I don’t regret this decision at all. I walked into Speaker’s Auditorium around 8 o’clock and sat towards the front. When I tell you the energy was high that night, it was filled with music, laughter and smiles. I had no clue what I got myself into when I realized loads of people were sitting down and still showing up. DJ Kidd Kreme, one of PEG’s main DJs, was throwing hit after hit whether it was a something popular or a throwback. That’s how I knew I would enjoy the show. These kids cared more about their craft than what’s popular today, which made me actually want to invest my time in the show.

The hosts coming out turned the place up immediately and with no filter. I’m still not sure how Georgia State’s conservative tactics allowed it, but I was here for it. While they were turning the crowd up and trying to get everyone out their seats, a few rappers and their crews came in the door and man, they came in deep. The hosts brought a few people on stage to see who was bold enough to show everyone some moves. Immediately the crowd stood up and went crazy. People were running to the stage and dancing with the people challenged to turn the crowd up. I felt a warm, family aspect the whole time, as if it was a “safe place” to express yourself.

Then the battles begin. The first set of battle rappers took the stage with the crews they came with, after everyone in the audience took their seats back. When they were announcing the names of everyone, I realized there were rappers, well known and unknown, from all over the state and even some other states. It was pretty overwhelming to see everyone take the stage like that. But honestly, it just made me even more interested especially seeing how hype the audience got.

There was no filters with the rappers either and I don’t know why I’m surprised about it. But, when Chaq Da Don and Casuan kept coming for each other’s throats, I think it just built the intensity of the situation. Apparently each session was timed, but everyone knows how it goes when the person has to get out his last words to make his point about his opponent. Eventually after multiple arguments with PEG about if the battles should be timed or not, the hosts eventually announced that the battles will no longer be timed and that’s when things got real. The whole night was filled with the coinciding “ooo’s” and “ohhhh’s” when the best rap lines were being spit. Even the intermission didn’t disappoint. Talented students from PEG performed their best work for about a minute and a half including the rapper, whose style resembles NoName in my opinion, Jazzytharapper. I saw her perform once before and instantly fell in love with how relatable her lyrics were along with the style of her music. Other talented students performed their craft too. I almost forgot I was at a rap battle because I wanted to see what other talents were right under my nose.

After the intermission, the battles continued with harder lyrics, longer times, and more crowd participation. I can honestly say, this won’t be my last PEG event. They really put on a memorable show and I can’t wait to see more.

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