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Ma$e Gets Busy on New Cam'ron Diss Track

While a good portion of America was either Black Friday shopping or in an induced food coma the day after Thanksgiving, Ma$e was ready to stun the hip hop community with a diss track aimed at Cam'ron.

It's no secret that the former Bad Boy MC has always had a long going feud with former friend and Children of the Corn group member Cam'ron, but now he has brought the past back to the light in this shot for shot track The Oracle.

Mase calls out Dipset's Cam'ron on numerous business situations and brings his character into question too. Check out some of these low bows and listen to the full song below. As long as it's all on wax, I can't wait for the clawback from Cam'ron. No social media clawback though please! Let's see where this goes.

Tax know you as the niggas that snitch on the Roc DC niggas know you as just a nigga they shot OG niggas don’t have no history with you on the block And everybody seen the footage I got Every since 10 you was a thirst nigga And I aint gone talk about the time you f#ck your sister

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