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Hopsin Pens a Letter to His Child & Ex-Girlfriend in Illmind of Hopsin 9

Let's be honest here. There are very few rappers that have a long going series of heart felt outburst that they put out to the world and honestly I feel like it it's not done enough.

In comes Hopsin. Hopsin has to be one of the most transparent rappers I have ever heard. Not only does he bring everything humanly fathomable as far as thought to his fans but his timing is impeccable. The Illmind Hopsin series started years ago and Hopsin has tackled frustration with drug addicted friends, agnosticism, and even the fall out of him and long time friend and former manager Damien Ritter all in different tracks. All of these lyrics wrapped up in an emotional tornado have shed a light that I feel goes unnoticed.

In this particular chapter of Hopsin's life we find out that he has a child in Australia that he is not able to see at the moment and faults the mother. Check out the video below.

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