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Spotify Release Alert: Blackbear Drops ‘CyberSex’

Mr. “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, so freakin’ done with you girl,” also known as Blackbear has dropped his 4th studio album entitled ‘CyberSex,’ and Spotify users this one is just for you! If you’re a non-Spotify user don’t worry; singles from the album are being released across other platforms and are available for purchase (though I’m sure it’ll be leaked everywhere eventually anyway)!

Blackbear’s mellow and carefree attitude may have helped him to gain more of a following and fan base over the past few months. This vibe coupled with his shear love of making music proves to be a good combination on this album. The features on this album include the likes of Cam’ron, Machine Gun Kelly, 2 chainz, Rick Ross, and a few other heavy hitters. I will definitely say that if people didn’t know about Blackbear before the ‘CyberSex’ release, then they’re sure about to know about him now.

Check out the CyberSex 14 song tracklist below:

1. gucci linen (feat. 2 chainz) [prod. jesse wilson] 2. bright pink tims (feat. cam’ron) [prod. jesse wilson & rad cat] 3. playboy **** (feat. lil aaron) [prod. oliver] 4. e.z. (feat. mgk) 5. up in this (feat. tinashe) [prod. judge] 6. anxiety (feat. frnd) 7. thursday / froze over “interlude” 8. I hope your whole life sux

9. down 4 u (feat. t-pain) 10. glo_up (feat. rick ross) 11. top priority (feat. ne-yo) 12. g2g ttyl (feat. they) 13. candayapple (feat. paul wall & riff raff) 14 santa monica and la brea [prod. blackbear]

I’m sure you probably recognized a name or two on this tracklist, right? Overall, the album gets a thumbs up from me; hopefully he doesn’t let his fans down, and only gets better from here.