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[Review] Talib Kweli's Radio Silence

The Hip Hop industry can be uncertain at times. One minute an artist is high on fame, as they rise to the top, and the next minute they are pushing carts at WalMart reminiscing on the glory days. Often times we see that one song or project can make or break an artist. In an industry where people are constantly changing in an effort to stay relevant, consistency is scarce. Few excess have consistently stood the test of time and put out quality projects in recent years. When I think of artists that fall into this category, Talib Kweli is near the top. You know exactly what you’re going to get from the Brooklyn emcee, and his new album, “Radio Silence” is no different. Lyrically, Kweli does his thing as he sprinkles bars all throughout the album. The album intro, “The Magic Hour” serves as a lyrical sparring session preparing the listener for the “High Valyrian Rap” to come. Kweli tackles a wide variety of topics such as how domestic abuse affects children on this song “She’s My Hero” and the evil spirits that continue to haunt life in the city on “Knockturnal”. The highlight of the album, however comes in the form of a feature from Jay Electronica. On the song “All Of Us”, Jay Elect rides the silky smooth instrumental effortlessly while speaking on police brutality. This album is not without its flaws. While, the production is pretty solid, it can be drowning out as background music sometimes. Also, the song “Chips” featuring Waka Flocka is an awkward style clash and one of the weirdest combinations I’ve ever come across. All and all, “Radio Silence” is a solid album. Kweli gives listeners exactly what they expect from an album from him. If you’re a Kweli fan, give this album a listen and let us know what you think. -Sir Bishop