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[Watch] Portland, You Have a Problem. Her Name is Wynne.

Every once in a while, I will scroll through TeamBackPack's videos looking for not just good bars but an artist that has a slight edge. I want to share one in particular. ​​

Not too long ago, I shared a video of a girl from Portland with desiiTee and like all artists I have an opportunity to share, I was really excited about it. There's something about a fresh new artist and the unknown skill set that gives me an adrenaline rush. This girl’s presence is no different. The amount of confidence Wynne has is so refreshing and it seems like it comes from a genuine place and doesn't seem forced. I'm sure that she gets thrown into the "white girl rapper" category, but this girl is so much more than that. The metaphors are crazy, the play on words and the build ups are very creative, and most importantly not diluted with overt sexuality.

​​ I find that when most female rappers come into the spotlight, they are ushered in in a way where whoever is pushing them, pushes sex first and bars second. You won't have that problem with Wynne. Wearing a dad hat, a statement on her crewneck and jeans, she reduces all of the negative stereotypes built up about female rappers and just raps her a** off.

Needless to say, she's now on my radar. Give us more Wynne, we see you out here! Check out her music & a cypher she was featured in below. Also catch her in our Early Bloomers playlist on Spotify.

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