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Is it Caleborate or Collaborate?

Music utilizes the masses to create different sounds into one. The way we feel music can be broken down into beats, tempos, and basses that move throughout the mind and body.

From the East coast to the West coast we find that each region has its own sound and rhythm that speaks for the people residing in that area. Peeking into the Bay Area we find a 3 albums artist that can create music and lyricism that collaborates multiple sounds and tones, my bad I mean Caleborates multiple sounds and tones.

Residing in South Side Sacramento, Caleb Parker (Caleborate), immersed himself in music listening to all sorts ranging from the Midwest with Kanye West to the East Coast ear of Jay-Z. Becoming an avid listener of music Caleborate started to play the alto saxophone at a young age eventually turning to writing music his junior year of high school.

In a studio with his brother and some friends Caleborate at age 14 rapped over a beat explaining, “It was pretty bad but it was my first experience,” in a XXL interview. His brother was and still is an aspiring artist (Cash Campaign), but that experience with him would eventually become the “dream” of his too.

This past year would be the trifecta for Caleborate, dropping his third album, “Real Person”. It consists of 10-tracks with features of 1-O.A.K., Donte Thomas, and MVCK. In an interview with The Lunch Table he explains, “my life drove me to create this album.”

He further explains, “It’s a culmination of musical taste, experiences, feelings and views,” within his life.

The UC Berkley native has experienced friends killed, gentrification within his home city, a culture poacher hungry fan base, but overall the most influential experience was his father going to jail. Caleborate was close with his father until a divorce drove him away to Atlanta, eventually disintegrating the bond between them. In an interview with KQED Caleborate says, “Me and my dad kinda share the same mind, so I know how potentially dangerous being alone and having that kind of idle time can be.”

Until the age of 18, Caleborate would learn from his father and receive guidance, but with the disappearance of his lighthouse he would eventually “wash my[his] hands of the situation.” It would influence him to speak and write from the heart to his fans hoping, “you actually understand what it’s like in my shoes, or at least want to understand it.”

“Society keeps us from finding out or becoming who we really are,” Caleborate expresses further in The Lunch Table Interview.

The Real Person project is a track list with specific topics and focuses that are addressed in Caleborate’s mind but fluidly projected on paper and transferred into a melodic and lyrical collaboration that entices you to understand or want to understand what is being said. Some of the best tracks on the album are: Caught Up, Down, 4 Willem, Wanna Be, and Real Person. These tracks are anchors to the album addressing topics ranging from the current presidency in Down, to millennial job ambitions in Wanna Be, and the mind of human understanding in Real Person. Overall, the production value of Real Person is a compilation of various regional musical influence, relatable personal experiences, and unspoken feelings thoughts and views that we try to cover up in our daily lives. Listening you will be able to appreciate the production value, as well as the time and effort Caleborate has taken to create something that not only is thought provoking but head bobbing as well.

Finally, music is about the way we collaborate and combine the way we hear sounds, thoughts, and feelings. To turn it into something of potential takes not only skill but one of great Caleborate skills. With Real Person streaming on all applications you will believe once you listen that this is one that tops the list.