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Did Smino Just Confirm a Collab Project with J.I.D?

Smino might have just confirmed the most anticipated collab of the year that you never knew about until now!

Ironically, I was listening to Lauder by J.I.D when I scrolled through my timeline on IG to see his manager post a video on his story of J.I.D and Smino in the studio playing a snippet of a song.The video lasted all of 5 secs as you just see the back of their heads of and their reactions of the playback but what a 5 seconds it was!

Earlier today, Smino gave fans a 10 minute Q&A with him to ask anything they wanted. I remembered that video earlier in the week and decided to shoot my shot and ask what is really good here. Check out the quick answer below:

Immediately after he answered the question the tweet immediately disappeared. I told Smino don't play with our emotions! Now we just have to sit back and wait. Although he didn't go into specifics this news is good enough for us!

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