• The Rap Hippies

The ‘D’ is for Digital !

The ‘D’ is for digital, but the ‘D’ could also stand for dope, because it is the perfect word to describe Sonny Digital’s latest releases. Sonny recently released songs ‘Keep it Real’ and ‘Love My Plug’ for all his fans awaiting the release of his EP project, ‘Woke You Up.’

The fellow Atlanta native is known for the producing creds that he gained on tracks like, ‘Tuesday’ by ILoveMakonnen and ‘Birthday Song’ by Kanye/2-Chainz, but now Sonny is making his official debut in front of the mic. Though he pushed back the release date for his EP project, these recent song releases give fans something to look forward to when ‘Woke You Up’ actually does drop.

If you haven’t heard ‘Keep it Real’ or ‘Love My Plug’ yet, I definitely suggest going to check them out! Sonny will also be performing at Centerstage in Atlanta on Feb. 2, so if you’re really vibing to his music after checking it out, go ahead and grab a ticket to the show! Of course, you know that I have to leave you guys with something, so check out my favorite of the two new releases, ‘Love My Plug,’ below: