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[Watch] Drake Reaches a New Level of Philanthropy in New Music Video for “God’s Plan”.

The new single from his Scary Hours track which recently released earlier this year and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, now has a music video that coincides with the message he was communicating.

The video clip was directed by Karena Evans, and displays a compilation of moments Drake spent in Miami, these past few weeks, making the lives just a little bit wealthier and prosperous for the locals. The video opens with a caption stating, “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label!”, then continues with Drake carrying out what would be considered good deeds, such as, donating to the women’s shelter, paying for groceries, giving people large amounts of cash on the street and a lot more! Towards the end of the video, Drake opens up about his feelings of gratitude towards his mother,

which if you’re a true fan of Drizzy, know how much this man adores his mom.

“We’re nothing without our mothers. Gotta make sure you take car of your mom, too, no matter what you do. It’s all we got. Trust me. That’s my world.”

Drake donated different amounts of money for different occasions, such as, the scholarship money he gave to a young lady so she could attend the University of Miami without having to pay for tuition or the money he donated to a local high school dedicated to the after school programs and the normal functionality of the school. Before the knowledge and release of this music video, there were Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat posts from students of a local Miami high school, claiming Drake was shooting a video there. Eventually, the attention on those posts died down as time passed, but now we see what the Toronto rapper was up to! In an instagram post he made February 15, Drake said this music video was “the most important thing I have ever done in my career.”

The video looked to be inspired by a music video made back in 2009 by the group Blink-182 for their song “The Rock Show”, where the concept was the same with documenting the good deeds they did with the money they received as the budget for the music video.

The whole idea of Drake’s music video could’ve been implemented by the idea that, although he’s reached his ultimate peak of fame, he still has time to give back and be the person he himself could be proud of. These types of works, were probably always in his heart to do, especially after listening to his lyrics in God’s Plan when he states in chorus two, “I’ve been me since Scarlett road.” Drake has emphasized how solid he is as a person throughout his music, since we first heard of him and that even at this point in his career, it’s the same idea.

Drake has a tendency to speak on his life and experiences in his music, and this song including his music video, are no different. When Drake refers to “God’s Plan” he is speaking on the way God moved and is moving through his life. He realizes that the friends he’s lost, the attention he’s gained, and the hate he’s received are all a part of God’s ultimate plan for his life and he is grateful for every encounter. He aspires to exert that same energy into other people’s lives and to let them know that whatever situation they are in now, can all be considered a position of growth and change that they didn’t expect. This music video really showed his audience what the intentions of his heart is and we can’t thank him enough for his blatant generosity!

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch below and check out what all the buzz is about!

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