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[Watch] Joyner Lucas, The Advocate for Safe Driving

We were just hit with another gem this past week, by the one and only Joyner Lucas. Sunday, April 1st he dropped a new visual for his single “Frozen”. You know that feeling when you don’t know you need something until you receive it? That’s how I’m feeling right now.

What was so significant about this? Well considering if you know Lucas’ history of placing powerful messages in his videos, then you know that this one was no different. Lucas shed light on the dangers of reckless driving, whether you’re drinking, texting or simply not paying attention. His video is the result of someone’s choice to make that decision and in return, all of those around them are affected by that choice. The video is chilling, heartbreaking and it really makes you evaluate yourself. I guess that was the point!

This video features a three part sequence in which each scenario describes a time when someone made the decision to drive recklessly. Like, most of his conscious rap videos, he isn’t spitting any of the bars in the video. The rapping is left to the actors and actresses, yet again. In a sense, this makes the situations portrayed in the video all the more personal and heartbreaking.

The first shot sequence starts with a little girl who just got ran over by a car. Her face, arms and white dress are covered in glass, ashes, her blood and bruises. A woman comes out from behind the vehicle with a look of distress over what she had just done and that’s when the lyrics begin. Some of the lyrics hit harder than others, but when the camera pans to a close up of the little girl’s face, while she says “...wish I could kiss my mama goodbye, and if she ever see me like this, she be traumatized”, I immediately thought about how any mom would feel losing her child in any situation.

The second shot was a victim of a drunk driver. The woman killed in this accident was twisted in her car seat with her eyes wide open, as if, that was the look on her face right before she died. The look was filled with terror, anxiety and surprise, something you wouldn’t want to see on a regular day. Small plot twist was when the woman rapped, “... no more baby in my belly, sad to say we died. All because you chose to drink and drive.” To think that a driver could be reckless enough to kill a woman and her unborn child is taboo. To hear and see it is worse.

The last sequence was a man who recklessly drove and seemed to flip his vehicle, while also being thrown out of his vehicle. Frustrated by what he put himself into, the video gets deeper by providing the biggest plot twist of them all. You may want to check it out!

The events end with a message simply stating, “Drive Safe.” All I can say is, wow.