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[First Look] Who the Hell is GodBodyWati?!

I am writing this as I am finding out who this dude is....literally.

I was online today just listening to some random tracks and I come across this song called Nothing2Lose by this Brooklyn rapper named GodBodyWati and I instantly became a fan. Listening to this track I get a dark reality aurora about this rapper. I still don't know much but I do know that his marketing is on point. I went to look at his IG (@godbodywati) and it is all centered around the idea that he is "missing". I'm assuming this is why the artwork above resembles a Where's Waldo theme. Needles to say this is an upcoming project that he is working on.

One of his promo videos it displays two guys on the hunt for someone named Wati. This is genius marketing and now I'm on the hunt for this dude too! I have a very close watch on this guy and even traveled back to listen to another song from him to gauge the music a little more. Yeah, he's on to something.

Check out the track that put me on to GodBodyWati below.

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