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Belly is Just Out Here Livin' on New Single 'Maintain'

Usually when I peep an artist or a song I can't stop listening to I try and follow what they're doing more closely.

Belly had song last year called The Come Down is Real Too, the song sampled I'm So Into you - SWV. After that song I was a fan, as if I needed anymore convincing, I continued to listen to his debut album entitled Mumble Rap. SOLID. Maintain is no exception. Belly is clearly out here living his life to the fullest but also still sticks to his principles.

Look, we out there livin' with the same pain My dogs bleed from the same veins Don't come around if you can't hang I'm everything that you lames ain't

The Roc Nation rapper has skills and apparently he keeps great company. He was recently seen in the studio with his label boss, Jay Z, possibly working on his next upcoming project, Midnight Zone,. With a couple of solid singles out right now I'm looking forward to this drop ASAP.