• The Rap Hippies

5 Female Rappers You Should've Started Listening to Yesterday

I am tired of people going back and forth about Cardi or Nicki. I mean, I get it, they’re mainstream and in the forefront. That's cool and all but, there are females out here that are much better to me that don't get the recognition they deserve. When people talk best female rappers in the game right now, a few names come to mind. I wanted to show how once you dig a little you’ll find that there are some REAL females out here going in!

NoName - The first name should be a surprise to no one. In case your soul lives under a rock, let me introduce a Chicago MC whose songs are as beautiful as her spirit. NoName dropped a project called Telefone back in _ and wow. This was the very first time I called a mixtape beautiful. It was beautiful for several reasons but one that stood out the most was that it was a soft, yet dark, scope into the eyes of a black girl living in Chicago. This girl has one of the sweetest, but also brutally honest, nostalgic presences out in hip hop today.

Little Simz - One of the very few things I love about social media is that it gives you access to so much more than you can mentally handle. You can find tons of music and create your own radio and playlist based on your own findings. A few years ago, I heard this song called Dead Body. Sheesh. The UK rapper's flow was everywhere but still precisely structured where it needed to be. A few months later, she dropped the video and the imagery adds to the song! She keeps the confidence in all her music. Definitely a DOPE artist. If that's not enough, Kendrick Lamar has co-signed her before and she has been seen in the studio with TDE. The song is a little old but if this what she was on 3 years ago?

Yani Mo – So, I am going a little personal with this one. A few years back, I heard about this coffee shop that does spoken word in Downtown Atlanta. I went and there was this girl that had dreads there that did a quick 16 but the words she was spewing were deeper than surface level narratives you hear. It was an Organized Noize/ Tribe Called Quest type feeling I couldn't shake. The wordplay in this chill, young girl was crazy! I had to get her info to stay in contact. Since then I have seen her flourish into a literal "Rap Hippie". She's too talented.

Kamaiyah - I'm gonna mess around and get upset as I type this one. The Rap Hippies constantly say we like good music. We like beats, lyrics and the whole 9. Now with all that we still love our hood/ratchet music, but it must be GOOD music. Meet Kamaiyah, an Oakland rep that had one of the most well put together mixtapes a while back called A Good Night in the Ghetto. Ya'll. Unapologetically ain't even the word. This MC is herself to the tenth power. I love sonic sounds. If you’re from a certain area, I like to hear it. Yay area runs through this one! I have been watching her grow and what makes me upset is that she has some of the most positive and uplifting music for young black women, but does she get enough respect for what she does to me? Nah.

Young MA-This last one always confuses me. Why is it that when people talk female rappers I never hear Young M.A in the conversation? When MA dropped “Eat” a couple years back, I immediately went from “Okay this girl capitalized a little on making some catchy song” to “Whoa she hungry”! Ever since then I be checking for her freestyles. From “Walk” to “I Get The Bag”, the Brooklyn rapper has created a style all her own and the bars come free. I wonder if it’s because she is a woman that is more in touch with her masculinity. Either way if you don’t look forward to her braggadocious rhymes and compelling flow, you sleep!