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So Far Gone: The Kanye Crisis

I guess this isn’t the first time people have questioned Kanye West’s mental stability, but lately it seems as if he’s slowly but surely revealing to his fans how far down he is in the sunken place. You have to admit that he’s being a little politically...adaptable.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out his latest tweets, and Kim’s and even Chance the Rapper’s. I’ll get to that part later!

At first, I couldn’t tell if he was trolling or he really meant what he was saying. Apparently, he supports political figures such as Tim Cook and even the infamous, Donald Trump. He even dropped a few pictures to showcase their relationship, while wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Kanye… this doesn’t seem like you. But, maybe it does. His general opinion on Trump is the reason people were questioning his mental state, but when Kim came out of the woodworks to say that he’s fine and that it’s not fair to judge him that way it just confirmed my beliefs that Kanye is not only crazy, he’s insane.

Has he always felt this way? He’s dropped a few hints on his political views before, but never anything this blunt. I guess he got to a point where he stopped caring and said “this is me”. That’s how he’s always been, being the free-spirited creative that he is.

Now, we all know Kim is going to defend him as she did, so that’s not the real story here. What really surprised everyone is when Chance the Rapper came to his defense. Kanye claims that Obama rarely did anything to help this country and that places like Chicago were still just as bad as before.

I’m sorry, Kanye, but what have you done for Chicago?

Anyway, he mentioned that Obama’s work showed no progress.

Chance the Rapper responds to the backlash of that specific tweet by tweeting:

“Black people don’t have to be democrats.”

Updated: Chance has since then apologized for defending Kanye.

Look, we get it. Everyone has their own point of view, but to support Trump is like telling massa you’ll be in the field as long as he likes.

Maybe I exaggerated, but, I digress.

I’m not sure what’s going on, right now. Kim is basically admitting that Kanye is in the sunken place, Azealia Banks is coming for Kim and Kanye ended up losing about 9 million followers as of yesterday. All I know is, Kanye is uninvited to my barbecue. Kim was never allowed to come, anyway.

Updated: Check out the live interview that Charlamagne did and TMZ outburst? Ye' that out of touch? Sidenote: Van Lathan for President.

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