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Get to Know R.$parks from the Bay

Born Ryan Joseph Sparks, R.$parks, was raised in the Bay Area in a small town called San Ramon. His love for writing seemed to have emerged after a spiritual awakening; he started writing rhymes, which gradually advanced to making songs, and now the music just seems to take on a life of its own. Though inspired by a childhood friend to start rapping, R.$parks, grabs musical inspiration from artists like Masta Ace, Gza, Nas, Prodigy, Jay Z, DMX, and Biggie. After hearing about some of his favorite artists, you would think that one of these artists would be who $parks would collaborate with if ever given the chance, right? Well, when asked this question, R.$parks named Roc Nation's Jay Electornica, as the artist that he would most want to do a collaboration with if the opportunity ever arised. It's been awhile since we have heard anything from the New Orleans rapper, but after listening to the works of R.$parks, this could be a collab definitely worth looking forward to if it happened in the future.

Just like several artists in the industry, R.$parks worked various jobs before he discovered his true passion for Hip-Hop. From being a UPS worker to a robotics teacher, it didn't take many nine to fives for him to realize that his heart just wasn't in it. With the focus, primarily, on his music, R.$parks came to the realization that it was his love and passion for music that made his goals non-monetary. 'I just want to be heard, and get some of my songs to a wider audience,' said R.$parks in a recent interview.

Now you're probably wondering where you can hear some of R.$parks songs and projects, so that you can determine for yourself if he really is an artist to watch. His most recent album 'Take the Throne,' is now being streamed on all major platforms. My personal, favorite, song from the album is 'Cold,' but check out his Soundcloud, and let us know if this Bay area lyricist is someone that you would like to hear more from R.$parks.

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