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Did Jay Rock Just Win Us Over with His New Midnight Released Track?

There’s a good thing to just browsing on social media in the middle of the night, especially for the music industry. It seems that more and more artist are taking the approach to just surprisingly dropping a track and not on the typical Friday. Thanks to the official TDE page on instagram @TopDawgEnt they subtly dropped a single cover for Jay Rock with the caption saying “WIN WIN WIN WIN. New Jay Rock (link in bio)”. Immediately because it’s TDE and The Rap Hippies will be at the Atlanta show in less then a week, it was only right that I check out the track.

Now the last time TDE did this it was with “Kings Dead” and I went bananas, so opening up Spotify to take a listen I was expecting to go bananas AGAIN for Jay Rock. Off rip, I’m loving the beat and that champion like instrumental caught my attention and makes sense to go to the song. I'm not sure if the tease of Kendrick Lamar's voice on the track urked me because I was just getting adlibs and not a verse or if it urked me because I want to just hear Jay Rock do a song without Kendrick on it. Is this a different feel than Kings Dead? Absolutely! Do I 100% like it? NO! But will it grow on me? I think so! I see the potential of the song for the summer. I can already see people blasting it in their car with the windows down. This song is definitely one to boost yourself up and create that positive self-talk with lyrics like “win win win win, fuck everything else, win win win win.” Again, it has the potential to be something.... maybe!

As I did a little comment creeping, the fans have already spoken. Looks like a lot of mixed reviews so far . Let us know what you think.

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