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J.Cole Talks Social Media, Feeling Used by Kanye, kILL Edward's True Identity & More in New

And he kind of did....

In an interview with Angie Martinez, Cole talked about mental health, social media and fan testimonials. In the midst of the the hour and a half back and forth between the two, Angie steered the conversation towards a song that Cole recorded previously, False Prophets. Everyone remembers the track where, without mention, everyone thought Cole was alluding to Kanye after his mental breakdown.

Cole finally admitted that it's true! Yes, Cole was talking about Kanye on that famous verse but the song was much bigger than just that.

Cole made sure to address Kanye posting the screenshot of the two of them on the phone. When Angie brought up Kanye posting the photo, Cole said he had some choice words for Ye after the fact:

"It just felt like you just used my name in that very quick conversation for social media and to keep your thing going for whatever you were doing. It felt like it wasn't sincere."

I think we can all agree that Kanye's character is in question and his ego these days is on 10. Now it is spilling into his peers and they are calling his personal integrity into question, if they haven't already. It's all just sad.

Aside from that disappointing look into the Mr. West episode, Cole went on to reveal who kILL Edward really is, how deep social media is for him and interactions with some of his fans. The interview was very intimate and to the point. Shout out to Angie for this one.

Check out the entire interview on his youtube channel.

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