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Pusha T Responds to Drake and Shuts Down the Internet

You are hiding a child, let that boy come home

Well ... It's tied up now!

Drake better respond to this one. Over the weekend Drake dropped a devastating blow entitled Duppy Freestyle, in respond to Pusha T's latest track, Infrared, where Pusha talks . In the freestyle Drake calls into question Pusha's persona, his fiance and his over all character. Everyone thought the former Clipse member was done and that he might have to respond to stay afloat, well guess what? He did.

Last night Pusha T dropped The Story of Adidon....WOW. First things first, let's start with the cover art that I just found out this morning IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. Drake did this photoshoot with a photographer when he was a teenager. The message was supposed to be a serious yet satirical tone I'm sure but, now that it has surfaced the internet is going crazy!

Now the main message of the diss track was returning the favor. Pusha calls Drake's character into question from a light that we may not know. Drake is a deadbeat dad? There are layers to this one ya'll. He comes to the table with shots at Drake's Father, his alleged baby momma, his best friend 40 and more! Yes that's correct, Pusha is saying Drake got a child he don't want YOU to find out about. Uh oh. People are actually saying that Drake lost! Drake, you must respond here! FOR THE CULTURE.

If he don't respond, is Drizzy done?! Listen to Pusha T's "nerve and audacity" below.

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