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Kanye and Kid Cudi Release "Kids See Ghosts"

With Kanye’s album, “ye,” already set to top the charts, sooner than later, we can only imagine what this joint album with Kid Cudi that just dropped today could do.

This past Tuesday, the rappers finally revealed the cover art of the new seven-track album “Kids See Ghosts,” on Twitter and it’s expected out of a duo like this one. The evocative cover art was designed by famed artist Takashi Murakami, who also created the artwork for Kanye’s Graduation album.

The cover image appears to be a painted watercolor image of a ghostly figure standing on top of some monster shaped like a sperm cell. Yes, a sperm cell. The character and the dragon are riding through this trippy forest covered in trees, with Japanese lettering appearing on the left side.

The cover art isn’t too unexpected. Back in April, Kanye showed his Twitter followers a similar and unfinished version of the cover image you see now. At that time it was animated versions of him and Cudi appearing on the cover with the same sperm-shaped monster.

The two rappers are supposed to be holding a listening session for the project in Los Angeles later this week, after the album’s release on Friday, June 8, 2018.