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Denver Got Smoke, Introducing Chy Reco

Hip Hop is worldwide and constantly growing. Certain areas, such as LA, NYC, and Atlanta, have solidified their position in Hip Hop over the past few decades by establishing and maintaining their own unique sonic sound. There are numerous other cities that aren't represented often in mainstream Hip Hop, but they have been diligently striving to develop their own identity and gain recognition. One of the cities that we have recently seen a lot of support and cultural growth from is Denver, Colorado. [Yes, I said Denver]. We don’t traditionally associate Hip Hop with anything related to Colorado so, of course, I had to dig a little bit deeper.

In doing so, I came across a dope artist named Chy Reco (shoutout to Kendrick Washington who put me on). Chy Reco is originally from the Southside of Chicago but has resided in Denver for the past 10 years. Granted, he is just one example of many, but listening to this artist is a great introduction to what the city has to offer. I particularly like that this artist's influence on the city will play an integral part in the birth and cultivation of Denver's unique sound.

Joell Ortiz said it best: “Just cuz you write rhymes don’t mean you rhyme right.” Chy Reco doesn’t have that problem. He takes you through struggle and bravado which he owns pretty well. It’s like that 10 toes down or big boy style rap. He presents vulnerability in his raps that you typically don’t get in hip hop nowadays because it’s consumed with hoes, cars, and designer belts. The only hope one has to get a more personal and relatable understanding of a rapper and their story is if they open up during an interview. Not Chy Reco. His music is his interview.

The track that caught my attention was All on Me feat Ave Grim. Chy Reco dives straight in, sharing his experiences with tragedy while keeping an engaging flow. Testimony rap is real and life-changing. So many people have healed themselves from pain using music as therapy (that goes for both the artist and the audience). Chy Reco's music is no exception, as he invites you into the dark corners of his life and highlights his journey of perseverance.

In addition to the deep tracks, he has some pretty solid features from other Denver artists like Jay Triiiple and Dante Thatguy (to name a few). Making moves together as a region = very smart. The beats are not complex, but that’s not a bad thing. It allows you to focus and actually listen to the lyrics instead of the message being lost behind a beat. Listen to Me Between the Lines and get to know Chy Reco! Denver is coming forward with different artists, and we plan to uncover all their hidden gems!