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Just Announced, SoSo Def is Going On Tour

Looks like one of the best record labels out of Atlanta has decided to go on tour. Taking a page out of Diddy's book with the Bad Boy tour, one of our favorite Atlanta super producers, Jermaine Dupri, has just announced a SoSo Def tour. Exclusively told on Sway in the Morning show, Jermaine Dupri went on to confirm the tour will start in October. What's dope is the name of the tour, called "Culture Currency". When asked what it means, he said in a nutshell that "Culture Currency" is when you have an album that people continue to go back to and 20 years later you can go on tour and people will still attend. I can say he is 100% right, people will definitely attend a SoSo Def tour no matter how long its been since the label was popping.

In 2013, SoSo Def did a 20th anniversary show in Atlanta, which I thought was going to be my last chance to catch the iconic record label and its past and present signees from Da Brat, Xscape, Jagged Edge, Bow Wow and Dem Franchise Boyz. But, with the moves Jermaine Dupri is making with "Growing Up Hip-Hop" and "The Rap Game" now, SoSo Def going on tour is to no surprise. There is no word on an exact start date in October or where the tour will begin but make sure ya'll keep a lookout.

Being in Atlanta, I'm hoping we will be the LAST stop with the most surprise guests!

Check out the interview below: Jermaine Dupri on Sway in the Morning