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The Carter’s Surprise Us With EVERYTHINGISLOVE

Coming after much discussion and even sadness with the On The Run Tour II underway and no new music…. I’m guessing they heard our cries, because Beyonce’ and Jay-Z have decided to finally grace us with new music by dropping a surprise album. Thinking it was originally just on Tidal, we all learned that the infamous couple decided to drop music as “The Carters”, and luckily it is streaming everywhere.

In typical Beyonce fashion, #EVERYTHINGISLOVE dropped with no promo, the night of Juneteeth, a symbolic holiday in the black community. With credits to producers, Pharrell, Cool & Dre, and new upcoming songwriter Nija. Beyonce and Jay-Z have yet again, proved they will forever remain on top, while g

etting help from a few legends and providing new artists a place to create and write. Everything from the instruments and voice arrangements to the lyrics and actual cover art, #EVERYTHINGISLOVE is the perfect selection of R&B & HipHop that keeps fans of the genres satisfied. It does look like Beyonce’ is taking her rap talents to another level on this album, which I’ve read to be questionionable, but because its Beyonce’, we will forever love it. I compare this album as a whole to be if “Lemonade” & “4:44” made a baby. The fact that it highlights black love and excellence is such a plus because as fans, we are never really exposed to topics on wealth, health and prosperity in music.

Dropping a video for APESHIT, which seems to be the perfect single with adlibs from the Migo’s, you can’t deny that The Carters know how to place themselves right back on the charts as if they never left. Dropping the visual we are able to see The Carters in all their glory. Renting out the Louvre, projecting images on beautiful Black bodies as the “art”, despite being in the place where some of the most priceless pieces reside. The visual portrayed while hearing “I cant believe we made it, this is what we’re thankful for..” put me in such a enlighted mood. It’s rare to see Black people around such prestigious things and still being able to let our roots shine.

Let’s hope as the OTRII tour makes its way to the United States we’ll be able to see new visuals and infamous dance moves along with the new project, because word on the street was OTRII was an exact replica of OTRI. I’m sure Jay-Z and Beyonce knew better to even try to pull such a finesse on their North America leg of the tour.

Remember don't look for Jay-z or Beyonce but search for “The Carters” and you’ll come across the 10 track album.

What’s your favorite song so far?

Check out the tracklist:










SALUD (Bonus Track)

Available now on all streaming sites.