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Deante Hitchcock Surprises Fans with 3 Track EP


Everyone remembers the pink fluffy Energizer bunny right? Put him in the form of a rapper. Not in terms of looks but in term of bars. That's Deante Hitchcock to me. Every song that he puts out his bars just keep going and going and going. Punchline after punchline. Sometimes you need to double back just to make sure you didn't miss any metaphor wrapped in something spiritual and meaningful. He's an open book when it comes to emotions and feelings and still has the bravado weaved into it. The kid just knows he's that good.

On top of all the success that he has had lately let's not forget one of his biggest achievements of the year, landing a spot on the main A3c Lineup . Hopefully this project is just a teaser to get us prepared for something bigger. I know people hear this all the time, but I mean it when I say he's just getting started. Check out the project, Thank You For Your Patience, below and check him out this year at A3C.

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