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My Rough Draft: 'Nasir'

Escobar Season has returned! Nasir the album is here!

Nas has not dropped an album since 2012. It's always refreshing to see an artist that is considered one of the GOAT's to drop an album because it's like an open forum to voice their views on things that are going on right now. One thing that we have learned about Mr. Jones is that he has given Kanye a lot of power by letting him EP this re-introduction. 7 songs worried me at first. Was Nas going to be able to give us a solid long overdue state of mind album in less than 30 minutes? He did and he did it well.

Just running through the album you can feel Kanye really reached in his bag to cater to the Queensbridge MC's style. From Cops to Everything. 7 solid tracks of realizations, social issues and the mind of Nasir Jones.

He makes sure to tackle issues that we see on the news and really how he is moving these days and what's important to him in the spirit of growth. If anybody knows Kanye's production, he is the king of samples. He shines on this one.Check it out the album and listening party below.

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