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I Found Another Problem...His Name is Trizz

Nothing feeds my soul more than uncovering a tight artist I have never heard of before. I might be a little late to the party but, I'm glad I'm here now. This is that "I’m here so shut the f*ck up and listen," rap. I’m tuned in now. Trizz got something to say.

I heard this track the other day from him called Backwards featuring another crazy rapper named King Iso . Sheesh. Now it’s time to dive. It’s that cut throat “how it goes down in my hood,” flow that I love I get that same feeling listening to J.I.D and SOB x RBE. I love the black and white aesthetics in the video too. It adds to the track. IE stand up!

I have to travel back, but he has a project entitled The Attic that drops July 13.

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