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[Watch] IDK Just Set Fire to the Entire 2018 XXL Freshman List...Literally

Drake we gonna let you finish in a minute but IDK just dropped a BOMB!

A couple days ago we had a quick chat with IDK and he announced that he about to eat today, we didn’t know how hungry he was. Like most people have voiced, XXL top 10 freshman list has been a slow disappointment year by year. Not sure what the politics are but they get hit with backlash every time for their weak selections. This year was no different. Their decisions has everyone scratching their hip hop heads about everybody on the roster (except for J.I.D of course). Apparently we aren’t the only ones that felt a type of way about the line up. IDK just released a freestyle that not only bodies the freshman but draws that hunger out even more as he goes at Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole’s neck too!

Look, if you don’t think you're the best, who will? This dude has so much drive and has proven his skill in blacking out on the mic and narration of a story that now I want to know why people sleeping on him and just as mad as he is now. The amount of bars in this freestyle might have you running it back all day. Even DesiiTee’s eyes got big when I made her listen. Another case of my new favorite self-created genre BLACKOUT RAP. Genius marketing by the way naming this freestyle after the same artist that dropped their XXL freestyle the same day. Hold that XXL! LISTEN TO TRIPPIE REDD'S FREESTYLE BELOW!

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