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Don't Sweat the Technique: A Closer Look at Kid Snap

How I ain’t in your top and Lil Uzi a star?

The true essence of hip hop lives, and Denver is helping keep it alive. Not too long ago, I wrote about an artist from Denver named Chy Reco, who is a proverbial peep hole to what the city has to offer. The other day, I came across the music of another Denver rapper who goes by the name of Kid Snap. He supports the notion that lyrics are intertwined all throughout the city of Denver. Often times, I find myself searching for artists in the hip hop world that are making refreshing music that’s not trending; Kid Snap is it. He has called Denver his home for most of his adult life and has described it as a city that is still trying to emerge and break out in terms of music.

"All of our rap influences and culture we have adopted is from other states so I guess its a lil harder for our city to get behind whats going on," Kid Snap says,"But this new wave of artist ( that I'm apart of) is really making a difference."

Some might identify his collection of art as "conscious rap", however I would simply classify it as "music to get through life with". Kid Snap has the flow and knows how to ride the beat. It sounds textbook, but believe me, it’s harder than you think. The messages he conveys through his lyrics are more important than anything. Several of his songs made me gravitate to them immediately.

Let’s dive a little into his catalogue to get more of a feel for the Denver MC. What are you about? What kind of person are you? Kid Snap's morals get put to the test in my favorite track, "Shake My Hand". The more and more I listen to it, the more the song reminds me of DMX's track "Damien". In Shake My Hand, Snap is faced with good versus evil. He represents good while evil is this overly modulated sinister character bribing him with all the world's vices. The evil voice in the song paints a picture of a lavish rapper lifestyle filled with women, cars, clothes, and money, all in exchange for your soul. I love the temptation track because people really do have that battle within themselves to stay true.

Another song that stood out to me was "Apply Pressure". Rappers should all have a song like this. Show the world that you’re a problem! Show that you belong here, and you ain’t just calling yourself a rapper. Kid Snap snaps on this record (pun intended)! He has a chip on his shoulder and displays it, unapologetically, with metaphors. His confidence and delivery coupled with his bars has boosted him up another level. Apply Pressure will grab you and leave you captivated. You have to listen to it!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what Denver is on right now. These are the kind of rappers they are producing. Check out both songs mentioned above along with the rest of Kid Snap's catalogue by click below.

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