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Summer Cookout: The Dave East and Tray Pizzy Beef

Summer Summer Summer-time

You ain't got enough hits to try to duck this smoke - Tray Pizzy

It’s been heating up outside all across the country, and Dave East and Tray Pizzy are adding to the heat with this summer beef.

Recently, Bronx native Tray Pizzy called out Harlem rapper Dave East, for false claiming, amongst other things. He let loose a track called Retribution in which he has had a lot of choice words for Dave and does not mince his bars in the slightest.

I could tell you ain't from Harlem, they don't drip like that

I know some real Harlem n****s, they don't crip like that.

See they be thumbin' through the money, you thumbin' when you get money

For those that don't know, Dave East reps a Crip neighborhood that puts their thumbs up. Ya see where he’s going with it now?

Two days later, Dave came through with a rebuttal for the Bronx rapper’s accusations: “I'm Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox).” Listen to me when I say Dave did not hold his tongue whatsoever. He even touches on numerous personal accounts.

I'm f*ckin' with Snoop, f*ckin' with 'Kiss, f*ckin' with Puff (legends)

You f*ckin' with blues, f*ckin' with sniff, f*ckin' with dust (dope)

You ever did a tour, we puttin' a bomb under your bus (boom)

I might stunt through Central Park, Horse and Carriage my n*ggas

You look like a custy, on God, you embarrass your n*gga

F*ck favors, from here on out, I'm embarassin' n*ggas (f*ck 'em)

They already dead, I got the money to bury them n*ggas (chargin')​

He just lets the sh*t fly for 6 minutes straight! I did some digging and found that these two rappers actually had a song together on Dave’s Hate Me Now mixtape. Judging from that and their bars, this is deeper than your typical rap beef.

As long as it stays on wax, I’m excited about this battle. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like a verbal head-bump with rappers, especially new ones. Lyrically, it tests their chin a little bit (i.e. Pusha T vs. Drake, Nas vs. Hov, Eminem vs. Benzino, etc.). It challenges rappers to think on their toes a little bit and craft a timely response. We have some pretty powerful punches from both contenders here; let’s see where it goes. Check out the tracks below and tell us who you think is winning?

It’s all in good fun. Well, until someone's career ends...ain’t that right, Ja?

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