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[Listen] Chance The Rapper Gifts Us With 4 New Songs

First, let me say Chance can never do wrong. From his positive outlook on life, to what he does for the community, and the way he has been able to maneuver throughout the industry NOT SIGNED has all worked out in his favor. It's worked so well, he's become a hip-hop favorite and giving the genre some hope.

Now It's been word that Chance has been working on music with Kanye but there was no solid project to announce. He has gone to social media, and stated in a few interviews there isn't an album yet, but he is in the studio. What we got on this lovely Thursday may be a little teaser of the album, Chance The Rapper just hit us with a midnight release of 4 brand new songs thats needed this summer in my opinion. He took to Instagram and with 4 graphics to swipe through, the caption said "4 new songs at".

1. I Might Need Secruity

2. Work Out

3. Wala Cam

4. 65th & Ingleside

At a quick late night listen, are all the songs a "Go"? Nope! But I can say about 3 out of the 4 are pretty dope and catchy. Of course Chance is speaking in his positive manner per usual where he addresses his daughter, his fiancé, being an activist, and he also comes across very braggadocios which i'm not mad at, at all.

Out of the songs, I already have a favorite, and he's talking shit! "I Might Need Security" was the first song heard in this collection and kind of set the tone along side the 4 graphics attached. The fact that the track "I Might Need Security" beat is literally saying "F*$& you" is dope in itself! Check out the rest of the tracks and let us know your thoughts.

Although it's not an album, these 4 tracks will suffice as we wait! Thank you Chance!

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